What we do
Vibrations Analysis
The vibrations generated by rotating machines correspond to the dynamic efforts generated by moving parts. Analysis of the vibration pattern makes it possible to assess the operating condition of the machine and detect defects at an early stage. 

  • A misaligned or unbalanced drive shaft or propeller 
  • The condition of bearings and gearings 
  • Tightening defects, excessive clearances 
  • The condition of ventilator or pump blades 
  • Onsite balancing 
Example showing damaged bearing detected before heavy breakdown

Levels of airborne noise in the cabins, lounges, meeting rooms, participate in passenger overall comfort and are subject to increasingly strong requirements. Their measurement and analysis (global level and detailled spectrums) allow not only to locate the performance levels achieved but also to understand the paths and defects in sound transmissions: 
  • Engines noise, 
  • Generators noise, 
  • Air conditioning noise 
  • Neighboring rooms soundproof 

Modal Analysis
Experimental modal analysis shows structure deflection according to frequencies. 
Analysis will define eigen frequencies (resonance) and simulate structure vibration behaviour. 
  • Operating Deflection Shape 
  • Impact hammer test 
  Operating Deflection Shape on air cooler duct

Torque and torsional vibrations measurements
Torsional vibration is an oscillatory angular motion causing twisting in the shaft of a system. 
It is generated by pistons alternative forces on crankshaft 
Even though the vibration cannot be detected without special measuring equipment, its amplitude can be destructive.
Small variations of torque measurement is performed with special device fixed on shaft.

In situ torque measurement on rotating shaft by means of strain gauges.
  • Easy setting on shaft 
  • Digital 2.4Ghz telemetry  
  • Strain gauges Wheatstone bridge 
  • Computer remote control 

Laser alignment
Correct alignment is a key issue on a machinery or a shaft. Any wrong alignment will generate undesirable vibrations, excessive worn out of parts and destruction of bearings 
  • Align horizontal and vertical rotating machinery  
  • Align coupled and uncoupled shafts Align machine trains, up to six machines in series  
  • Take thermal growth into account  
  • Inside Bore alignment of Stern Tube, Diesel Engine, Compressor, Turbine, Pump and more  

Geometrical and dimensionnal measurements
  • Flatness and topography measurements 
  • Hull deformation measurement before and in drydock
  • Positioning of freeboard marks and draft
Engineering and calculations
  • Shaft bending parameters 
  • Bearing offsets & loads, Gag & Sag 
  • Influence coefficients 
Jack up test is an easy way to measure the bearing load 
A dial gauge and sufficient hydraulic jacks are sufficient